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A Good Man in Africa is boom written by William Boyd. Published in 1981, this book was the first one written by the author. Published by Hamish Hamilton, the book received many awards for its amazing plot and a gripping storyline. The story is set in Ibadan, which is in Western Nigeria. The author says that in a way, the book is an autobiographical account of the author. The events are invented, indeed, but he does say that Mr. Murray, who is a character in the book, has been inspired by his father. In the end, download A Good Man in Africa Pdf free.


A Good Man in Africa Summary

The story is set in Kinjanja, which is a fictional country in the West African region. Morgan Leafy is a Secretary at the Head Commission of the British government in the country. Leafy’s life is full of chaos since he is being blackmailed by a local politician and a military coup is also expected. His personal life is also in shambles since his mistress has given him gonorrhea. At the same time, his boss’s daughter, whom he has the hots for, is engaged to someone he hates with all his heart. Also, his boss is forcing him to dispose of a dead body that has been left out in the open by the tribal people. He is threating to fire Leafy until he does what he is ordered.

A Good Man in Africa Review

The book became quite popular with the readers. It was the winner of the Whitebread Book Award which is given to the first book of an author. In the year of its publishing, the book also won the Somerset Maugham Award. The film adaptation of the book was released in 1994 and the screenplay was written by the same author and some experienced actors players the lead roles.

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