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A season in Sinji is a novel by J L Carr which was written in 1967. The novel is the second book in the trilogy by the author. It is set in Sinji, which is located in Africa. Portraying the time of the Second World War, this novel tells the story of quite a strange and weird cricket match of that time. The novel was initially published by Alan Ross Limited in 1967. After that, in 1976, the novel was published by Quartet Books. Later, it was published by Penguin Books in 1985. It was then published by the author’s own company in 2003. In the end, download A Season in Sinji Pdf free!

A Season in Sinji Pdf


A Season in Sinji Summary:

This novel is also like Carr’s other novels since they all have the story of his own life and his personal experiences. He served as an intelligence officer during the war in Royal Air Force. Even when he was stationed there, he was very interested in cricket and his novel is also about a queer cricket match. He said in an interview that this book was his best one and this is because he wrote the book with an absolute passion.

After being initially published by Alan Ross, the novel was later published by The Quince Tree Press which is a publishing company established by the author himself so that he can publish his stories, illustrations, and maps.

A Season in Sinji Review:

The book narrates the Personal experiences of the author. He had a keen interest in cricket and his novel was also inspired by a cricket match. This novel is fit to be read by anyone who is either into historical fiction or even someone who likes to read books about sports. Thus, it is an overall exceptionally well-written book for people to enjoy and get an insight into the author’s life.

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