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IT is a horror novel which was written by the American author, Stephen King back in 1986. The book is a scary being that feeds on the fear of its preys. IT’s preferred preys are little children whom he haunts a terrifying clown. King first thought of the idea of writing on this topic in the 1970s and he started the book in 1981 which was finished a few years later.

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IT Summary:

The story follows the events in the lives of seven children who are haunted by an entity that lives down the drain in a small town. This entity appears as a clown by the name, Pennywise to scare the children and feast on his preys by killing them in merciless ways. His first prey is Georgie who loses his boat down the drain and loses his life while trying to retrieve it. The story follows how the children save each other from the evil that lurks in their small town.

IT Review:

IT was written by Stephen King. The book was the author’s 22nd book of his career. Published by the Viking is the United States of America, the book was illustrated by Boy Guisti. The themes of the book later became typical of Stephen King since he focused on the memories of childhood that determine the kind of person one becomes in their adult life. He also an emphasis on the solving of any problem through trust and his story depicts that through sacrifice, one can deal with any problem.

This novel was honored to be the winner of British Fantasy Novel Award of 1987 and it was named as the best selling book in America by Publisher’s Weekly. A movie has been made about the book in 2017 which was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

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