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Flaubert’s Parrot is a novel written by Julius Barnes which was published in 1985. This 190 pages book was published by Jonathan Cape in England. The books tell the story of Geoffrey Braithwaite who visited England and found inspiration in a museum where he saw a stuffed parrot sitting on one of the displays. In the end, download Flaubert’s Parrot Pdf free.

Flaubert’s Parrot Pdf


Flaubert’s Parrot Summary:

The novel tells the story of Geoffrey Braithwaite who is an English doctor. He has been widowed and now he is visiting Flaubert Locations and also France from where he is to get inspiration. Geoffrey sees the stuffed parrot sitting on the desk of the museum he visits. The parrot is placed on the desk of Flaubert where he wrote his artwork. He tries to find out which parrot is the real one but there are about 50 of them in the museum.

The whole story of about him trying to find the real parrot. However, in several chapters, Braithwaite also contemplates the love life of the artist and how Flaubert’s work was inspired so much by animals since his work contained a lot of animal imagery. These animals include a dog, camel, parrot and even a sheep.

Flaubert’s Parrot Review:

Subjectivism is the major themes that are presented in the book. It talks about three phases of Flaubert’s life. The first part is full of optimism where his successes and achievements are discussed. The second part deals with the negative things in his life like the death of friends and lovers along with failures faced in life. The last part contains the things written by Flaubert in his journal. Thus, the book contains information about all the positive and negative things and happenings in life along with the major focus of finding futility which is represented by the parrot.

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