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We talk about some most influential novelists and poets of 19th century then there are some names we can’t forget. One of those names in Charles Dickens. His work is considered as the biggest asset after William Shakespeare work in the field of literature. His novels have many moral and social lessons that we can learn during reading and bring change in our lives. He used allegory and bildungsroman to give messages that are really necessary to understood. We need to learn and preach these messages to people of our society that we can do amendments. Great Expectations pdf is one of those books that use bildungsroman to tell the story of a kid, his self-growth and development. There are many important things that we could learn from this book. You can download the free Great Expectations e-book in the pdf form at the end.

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About the Author Charles Dickens:

Charles Dickens is among those very few influential poets of 19th century who changed the lives of people. Their writings brought awareness among the people. While reading for fun, they also learned many things are being depressed in the society. Charles Dickens was an English Writer and critic. We have already covered one of his novels and told you about his many achievements. He being called as literary genius and much more about his early and late life has already been discussed in an article before. All the general information you want to get about him is that he was from England, a novelist and a critic, and was called literary genius for his services in the field of literature. We all know about his tragedy of leaving school and working in a factory where he learnt reading and writing and became a historical figure.

Great Expectations Summary:

The story is a bildungsroman of the development and growth of a young boy named Pip. Pip lives with his sister who lives with her husband in a small house. One day, while sitting outside staring at this parents’ grave, he happens to meet a criminal. The criminal has the artificial legs and he scares Pip to bring a file to polish his legs and some food since he was hungry. He get caught, however, the criminal has some honor he admits that he told the boy to do so. One day he reaches the place of a wealth lady who is known for her strange behavior. She is fond of wearing a wedding dress all time and she seem quite happy while doing that. She has a niece named Estella, who Pip sees and falls in love with her.

His only dream is to marry her now and he sometimes wishes that Mrs. Havisham should adopt her. Moreover, he wanted to become a rich man by taking over her business and becoming her son-in-law. But, things don’t happen the way we want them to. Mrs. Havisham gives him a job as a poor laborer at the factory and he has to live with it. He is then sent to work as apprentice to Mr. Orlick who is a blacksmith. Pip, one day receives the news that his sister got attacked and things that his employer. Pip, then make new friends because he despises all his previous friends. His only dream left is to become a wealthy man and to marry Estella. However, to do that, he is got to do a lot of work.

Did Pip become successful in what he wanted to achieve? Did he become rich and could he marry Estella? The rest is up to you to find out.

Great Expectations pdf Review:

This book is considered as one of the best novels by Charles Dickens. The drama, storyline, characters and every other thing is so perfect in this book. He beautifully tells the story of an orphan boy who has nothing in his life. Who has no ambition in life and all got to do is to work and live. However, he do finds an ambition when he felt in love with a rich girl and now he wants to have her. Though, getting her wouldn’t be easier since he has nothing while she is a landlord. The story of a struggle of an orphan who works from nothing towards achieving greatness. A story that is going to motivate you if you a hard worker and might open some positive aspects.

These are the lessons that we learn from these books written by great writers such as Charles. We learn how to deal with life and become better at living it. Doesn’t matter if we are born with nothing. We didn’t choose that but we can definitely choose how we want to die. Rich or poor, successful or left with nothing. Everything is in our hands and we need to work for it.

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