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Oblomov was written by a Russian writer by the name Ivan Goncharov. The novel was published in 1859. The name of this novel is after the main character by the same name. He is a young man who is not sufficiently equipped with the wit to deal with problematic situations or to deal with the decisions that he has to take in his life. The main character is said to have the Russian soul. He is lazy and hardly ever does anything. In the end, download Oblomov Pdf free.


Oblomov Summary:

The story is about Oblomov who is a lazy nobleman. He hardly ever leaves his bed and in the beginning parts of the book, he spends all his time in bed. In the starting of the book, he receives a letter which says that he needs to travel thousands of mile across the country to make some major decisions about the economy. He, being the son of an upper class, is quite sluggish and does not move from his bed or does anything in response to the threat of deteriorating financial situation.

He even falls in love with a girl whom his friend introduces to him. However, she does not go through with the wedding since he keeps postponing the date and is too lazy to do anything. Eventually, he gets married to an older woman and has a child. Towards the end of the book, he dies in his sleep. Just how he wished to go away. His friend takes care of his son from then on.

Oblomov Review:

This book became quite popular upon its release. It shows the situation of the Russian nobility at that time. The satire is portrayed through the main character and it shows how the nobility gets nothing done and the governance of the country remains poor. The book has inspired many characters in other Russian literature too.

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