One Thousand and One Nights Pdf

One Thousand and One Nights Pdf Free Download

One Thousand and One Nights is a compilation of the stories from the era of Islamic Golden Age. The book has stories from the region of Middle East and has fold tales of the region. The English Version of the book is often called as Arabian Nights. The stories are compiled from North, South and Central Asia by many different scholars and translators. The folklore of India, Persia, and Turkey are all mentioned in the book making the book a rich treasure from the Arabic world. In the end, download One Thousand and One Nights Pdf free.

One Thousand and One Nights Pdf

One Thousand and One Nights Summary:

The story follows the tale of Shahryar who is the ruler of India and China during that era. He discovers that his wife is unfaithful to him and has her killed. After that, he develops the idea that all women are the same so he starts to marry virgins from around the realm and has them killed the very next day before they can cheat on him. A time comes when his Wazir cannot find more virgins and so his daughter offers to marry the kind.

The Wazir does not agree but later gives in to his daughter’s insistence. She starts telling the king a story during the first night and does not finish it. The king is curious to know the rest of the story so he does not execute her. This goes on for a thousand and one nights and the stories keep continuing.

One Thousand and One Nights Review:

The book has a lot of stories about jins, ghouls, hags and other magical creatures. It is a magnificent collection of tales rich in imagination and stories which have a touch of reality and of the world of magic. Authors like John Barth, Jorge Luis Borges, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, Goethe, Walter Scott, Thackeray, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell, Nodier, Flaubert, Marcel Schwob, Stendhal, Dumas, Gérard de Nerval,Gobineau, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Hofmannsthal, Conan Doyle, W. B. Yeats, H. G. Wells have found inspiration from this book.

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