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Remembrance of Things Past is a novel written by Marcel Proust. The novel has seven volumes and is also sometimes known as ‘In Search of Lost Times’. Translated from French, this novel became quite famous and is said to be the best work by the author due to the extensive length of it and the content in it. It was initially published in 1913 and then later published in 1922, in English. At the end of this article, download Remembrance of Things Past Pdf free.

Remembrance of Things Past Pdf


Remembrance of Things Past Summary:

The novel follows the story of the writer while he is growing up in the French environment. Divided into seven volumes, each volume discusses a phase of his life. Several aspects of his life including his childhood, his adult life, and his love interests are also discussed in the book. While narrating the events of his life, he also comments on how people may have the same memories over time and something may make the person think of an event similar that happened in the past. He falls in love and realizes that the woman was not for him. Thus, the novel is him remembering the events of his whole life and explaining through them how involuntary memory can spark up the memories and past incidents in a person’s life. Basically, it is flashbacks of his life that are discussed in the book. He does not voluntarily think of the events of his past but they come to him naturally.

Remembrance of Things Past Review:

The book talks about how time reminds people of the memories they have had in the past. It touches on the theme of involuntary memory which involves people having flashbacks of the events from the past. It is a good read for people who are interested in learning about the European way of life and have thoughts about the theme discussed in the book.

Download Remembrance of Things Past Pdf Free:

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