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History has never been obvious. Most of the great thinkers always advised us never to believe in it. It is because of the reason that the rich and powerful who dominated the world wrote history how they liked it. Those won were the conquerors wrote it because they existed whether or not they were right. Many great debates have been made on the same issue. Many books were written in which writers have argued on the matter. Stolen Legacy is one of those books written by George J.M James. In this book, whether we should give credit to Greek Civilization for the modernism? Is it true that Greek were the first once to put the basis for modern civilization? He strongly argues that many of the Greek got their inheritance and studies from Egypt. Download the free Stolen Legacy pdf at the end to read.

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About the Author George James:

The man who argued this point that Greek philosophy actually had its origin from Egypt was George James. He was an author and historian. He did some good research on the ancient civilizations. He wrote some other books that only book that got much recognition is Stolen Legacy. In this book, he argued that the Greek civilization and Philosophy was not originally their own. In fact, they inherited it from Egypt. Many great Greek scholars such as Aristotle had their origins from the Egypt. He also argued the fact that much knowledge came from Africa and the continent played an important role in the civilization of the world. But sadly Africa is now considered as the place which contributed nothing to the world’s history. This book leads the author to great debates and fame. I opened the review with history talk because of this book.

Stolen Legacy Summary:

The most sold book by George James argues the idea of Greek civilization. He says that there is nothing like original Greek philosophy. It was stolen from the African philosophy or also called Egyptians. Though, Greek philosophers managed to keep their tag on the work. Still, it is true that due to their influence and power they managed to do that. All of their work on philosophy and civilization was stolen from Egyptians or Arabs. Today the work talks about the contribution of Greek to the civilization. They are unaware of the fact there is nothing like that. All of this philosophy was actually Egyptian and it was stolen or inherited by the Greek. Many great Greek scholars such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Thales might put good work but they always admitted that their work was a result of Egyptian influence and them credit themselves for that.

Then George James gives different arguments to prove his point. In different chapters, he gives reference to the history of both Egypt and Greece and their scholars to prove his point. He explains in details the work and culture from both sides. He said that many philosophers that were living and did work theirs got that tag. Many of them were actually North Africans or you can also call them Egyptians. Since he was a historian, it was not difficult for him to bring all of these facts in one place. However, we have already talked about history that it is never obvious. We can quote Napoleon here who said that “What is history but a fable agreed upon”. Well, anyhow when you start reading the book, your mind starts thinking about these things and want to be agreed. The facts that are presented by George James are simply beautiful and astonishing.

Stolen Legacy Pdf Review:

Though, we have already talked about the idea of history being a fable. George himself was a historian and had great knowledge of him. However, we can’t believe history because it was written in a book. Or because someone claimed to be something in history. We always had the idea that Greek were responsible this modern civilization and philosophy. But since we have a little knowledge we can’t argue this. George took this responsibility and wrote this book called Stolen Legacy. He strongly argued the idea of Greek domination on history and presented them with great facts and figures. The way he explained things in each chapter with historical and cultural reference, it is simply impregnable. There is not another book that presents all of these facts with such grace. If you are interested in the subject then get download the free Stolen Legacy pdf from our page.

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You will easily find the hardcopy for this book in the market. If you already have then also downloaded the free Stolen Legacy pdf from the link below to keep reading this book wherever you want.

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