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The castle is a beautiful and emotional creation of Franz Kafka that revolves around the struggle of a man, K. to meet the higher official of the castle, Klamm, but he failed every time. The castle also describes the flaws of bureaucracy as K. done everything to get access to authorities but their answer came on his bed of death. In the end, download The Castle Pdf free.



The Castle Summary:

K. is the main character of the novel, the castle. He arrives at a village which is in shades of The Castle. He was summoned by the higher officials of The castle as a land surveyor but after some time he found that there was nowhere officially written that he was being appointed. Frustrated K. tried to reach Klamm who was having a strong position in the village but he didn’t find him anywhere. The rest of the novel states the struggles of K. to find his position in the village and to meet Klamm. The castle also shows some romance between Klamm’s ex-secretary Frieda, but she left him as she found out that K. was using him to get access to Klamm. Unfortunately, the writer of this novel Franz Kafka died before completion of this novel but it is suggested that the end of the novel was a scene in which K. finally get a letter from the officials, stating that his claim for living in the village was invalid but as he has suffered so much, he can  now live and work in the village.

The Castle Review:

The castle is overall a depressing and incomplete novel as K. seems to be failed whatever he tried to do. It also describes that if K. who is the agent of the system suffers too much then the hurdles that ordinary people face are countless. This novel also describes the modern life as it shows the relationships that fade away, the conversations that go nowhere and the struggles that seem to have no end.

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