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The novel The Commitments is written by an Irish writer named Roddy Doyle. The book was published in 1987. In The Barry ton Trilogy, this book is in its very first episode. The tale is about a bunch of people who are unemployed and make a soul band and work together for it. In the end, download The Commitments Pdf free.

The Commitments Pdf


The Commitments Summary

It’s a story about the two friends Derek Scully and Outspan Foster who play music but then go on extending their musical business the call one of their friends from school named Jimmy Rabbitte as a call for a manager, he accepts and brings some changes in the group which had to be followed. He changed the name to The Commitments because in the music of 60s the best band was given the title “THE” was honorable. The place they used to play was the north side of Dublin Ireland. Then they decided to come up with the music Dublin Soul. They add few more members to his group and make out his band but the collection of people he had, were not good at music. That was a disappointment. He never lost hope and tried working hard on them and for them. And finally, they learn and go for small shows.

The Commitments Review

This book is for the people 0f common interest in music. Because of the hardships that they face just to be successful in their musical career. They wanted to make a name, fame to show their best and succeed with it. People interested in music usually end up in problems finically, family etc. So this is a support platform to encourage them and show their tale. In search of self-abilities, one needs to know his/her strength and courage. That perfectly means try hard and don’t lose hope.

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