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The Information is a novel written by Martin Amis. The British author released the book in 1995. In the book, the main plot is about two and not one central character. They are both novelists too and according to the author, both of them represent him. The book was published by Flamingo in the UK and by Harmony Books in the US. In the end, download The Information Pdf free.

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The Information Summary:

The story revolves around two novelists name Gwyn Barry and Richard Tull. They are both forty years of age and are struggling to make a career. Tull was destined to be a great writer with a very bright future. However, his life did not go as planned and he ended up writing book reviews for a company and he also runs his own vanity press. Gwyn, on the other hand, has written a novel which was much acclaimed and he has also won a literary prize. Tull never thought Barry’s work was too great but while he suffers failure in his pursuits of success and fame, Barry goes up the heights of success and fame even more.

Tull’s envy gets the better of him and he ends up trying to find ways to bring his roommate down. He starts by doing little things that are aimed at causing inconvenience to Barry. Later, he ends up hiring some violent men for his work and he is scared to find out that he has no control over their actions.

The Information Review:

The book basically deals with the themes of morals and how a person feels that they are about to die. The author also touches on the themes of success and failure and how they both can contribute to envy in a person or between a friendship. This book is a good book to read for better understanding of how mortality affects a person.

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