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The Moviegoer is a book written by the American writer, Walker Percy. The book was his first ever written piece to be published but it managed to bag the National Book Award in the US for that year. Published by Alfred A Knopf, the book surfaced in the market in 1961. It also has the honor of being on the list of Top 100 best books by the Modern Library. It is also a part of the same kind of list made by the Times Magazines. At the end of this article, download The Moviegoer Pdf free.

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The Moviegoer Summary:

The book tells the story of an aa stock market broker who lives in New Orleans. His life is depicted after the war and how he is dealing with things now. His life is in chaos since so much is happening at the same time. The traditions are slowly disappearing the Southern regions of US
Also, his family has a lot of problems and he is still haunted by his experience during the Korean War. He cannot sleep nor can he concentrate on any relationship in his life. He feels alienated from everyone and everything else around him and he cannot relate well to others around him. He walks away from everyone around New Orleans and other parts, where he tries to find himself and to find the reality of life. In his search, he meets new friends and love interests to whom he describes himself and his search for something more in life.

The Moviegoer Review:

The book emphasizes the themes of existence and to learn about the reality of life. A screenplay for the movie about this book was written but it was never finished. This book is an interesting read for everyone who feels like they have shut off everything and looking for some meaning of life.

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