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The Shipping News is a novel written by the American writer Annie Proulx. The novel received major critical acclaim upon its release and won a number of prizes. It was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons. Published in 1993, the book won the National Book Award. The book is centered around a newspaper reporter and the turmoil that has been caused in his life due to some undesirable incidents. At the end of this article, download The Shipping News Pdf free.

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The Shipping News Summary:

The story is about Quoyle, who is a newspaper reporter that lives in New York. His life goes into shambles after his abusive wife leaves him and tries to sell his daughters. After this horrible incident, his wife and her lover die in a car accident. The police find the girls and return them to the father. Even though he had got his daughters back, his life is still going towards destruction. Upon the advice of a family member, he moved to Newfoundland which is his ancestral home. There, he finds a job at the local newspaper where he is supposed to cover the incidents of any traffic accidents and all the ships that come to the area. He learns about his ancestors and turns his life towards betterment by doing well at his job and also engaging in a relationship with a local woman.

The Shipping News Review:

This book is one interesting read as it talks about the journey of a person from destruction to wellness of his self. It is full of hope as to how to turn your life around and move towards optimism. The book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction an ear after its release. It also won the Irish Times Award for the best fiction book. Moreover, this great novel also managed to bag the National Book Award for the year it was released.

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