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Song of Solomon is a novel written by the American writer, Toni Morrison. The novel was written back in 1977 and it narrates the whole life story of the main character, namely Macon. He is an African American man and the book portrays the events of his life in Michigan. Published by Alfred Knopf, this book got major recognition across the world. The book was followed by Tar Baby which is another novel by the same writer. In the end, download The Song of Solomon Pdf free.

The Song of Solomon Pdf


The Song of Solomon Summary:

The protagonist in the story is Macon but his nickname is Milkman. This is because his mother breastfed him until the age of 12. One of his father’s employees saw his breastfeeding through the window and that is where the name picked on. In his life, he makes a friend named Guitar. His friend is completely opposite of him, without a father or a mother. His mother is quite fond of her father, i.e. his grandfather because he is the only black doctor in the town. When he dies, she is found by Macon’s father near the coffin, sucking her father’s fingers. Macon has issues with both his parents, especially his mother because he thinks that she is obsessed with her father and is also sexually involved with her father. A lot of other such incidents take place in the novel and at the end, it is not clear if he and his friend are dead or not.

The Song or Solomon Review:

The book was warmly received by the readers. It made its spot in Oprah’s Bookclub list and also won the National Book Critics Award. It was also ranked as 25th in the list of best novels of the 20th century and it also contributed to the success of Morrison in winning the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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