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You must have seen a time machine a lot in movies or cartoon shows which take characters to different times. A question that arises in your mind is that who was this man who gave such a concept of time machine? Well, if you didn’t know that who was this man? then know right now. It was H.G. Wells who published The Time Machine Novel in 1895 and gave this concept of a time machine. Before it, there were no physical shapes for this conceptual model but now it has and all thanks to Well. Later, this model became a part of every movie, book, and TV show based on time travel. This novel became one of the most successful novels and recognized H.G. Wells to the world. You can download The Time Machine pdf free absolutely free at the end of this post written by Wells.

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About the Author H.G. Wells:

H.G. Wells was one of those very few writers who didn’t set for just one genre of book writing. Instead, he wrote books in many genres including science fiction, mystery, politics, social commentary and history. He is also known as the father of science fiction due to the many science fiction books that became the masterpieces of the field of Literature. Some of his famous science fiction books are The Time Machine, The Invisible man and The War of the Worlds. He was born on 21st September 1866 and died on August 13th, 1946 at the age of 80. He was loved and admired by people of all ages since his books are suitable for everyone. The trend of writing science fiction books actually initiated from him. Before him, it was just a rare thing for someone to write a science fiction book.

The Time Machine Summary:

Few people including the narrator are listening to a time traveler. They at first, don’t want to believe him but when he gives them a demonstration of it, they had to. He disappears the machine in the air and they all look astonished. Then days later on dinner, he tells them his story.

The time traveler tells them that after the completion of his device he decided to travel into the future. He reached a strange place around the year 802,701 AD. He sees a place none like he has ever seen. The creatures living on the place are very peaceful. They also find him hungry and give him some fruits to eat. He becomes friends with one of the creature and starts roaming the place. After much exploration he gets tired and on his return, he finds out that his time machine has been stolen from where he had left it.

The time traveler finds out that another creature like the one he is friends with stole his machine. But the problem is those creatures live inside the earth. He makes some other friends once while saving a drowning one. They finally decide to help him retrieve the machine from that place. However, it is very certain that the other creatures will show resistance. The time traveler then discovers that fire will be helpful to fight these creatures since they are afraid of it. After a fight, he has to escape the place because it seems he won’t be able to beat them. He escapes the place and hides somewhere along with his friend. Then he makes a bigger weapon built of wood and explosive material. He goes into their cave and a fight start for the retrieval of the time machine.

In this huge fight, many enemies die and so does his friend. But after a lot of fighting, he manages to enter the time machine. The creatures those that they have trapped him since they didn’t know about the time machine. And, before they could get to him, he vanishes into the thin air. He also tells them about the other place where he had stopped and faced many dangers. They really loved his stories. They took off from dinner and go to their beds. The next day, he says farewell and leaves the place. After that day, they would never see this mysterious man who has left for another time travel.

The Time Machine Pdf Review:

Exciting, mesmerizing, beautifully written, and amazing concept. These are the words that I would like to say about this books. This was one of the books written by H.G. Wells that brought a revolution in the field of literature. Before there was the mystery, romance, drama, or satire but after his books, everyone got a new idea of writing science fictions. Of course, Wells was the best to write them but the field of literature got so many books from this genre and all thanks to H.G. Wells for that. No wonder he has given a title the father of Science fiction. He truly deserved that due to the work he did in the field. I would recommend everyone to read this book which is full of entertainment and you will never want to stop reading it.

Download The Time Machine Pdf Free:

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