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According to Queeney is a book written by Beryl Bainbridge which revolves around the genres of historical fiction. Originally published in 2001, the book was later also published in 2005 by Royal National Institute for the Blind. The book is set in a historical setting in which the characters interact with each other and a story of a relationship is told in the book. In the end, download According to Queeney Pdf free.


According to Queeney Summary:

The story is set in Georgian London and the protagonist is Doctor Samuel Johnson. He recently finished the most important work of his entire life which is that he has written the first complete English Dictionary. His personal life is full of chaos. He has a strict morality in his life which compels him to be moral and never do anything that is ethically or morally wrong. At the same time, he is going against his morals and has feelings for the wife of one of his old friends.

These contradicting feels have created internal chaos in his life and in him as a person. The story is narrated by her daughter, named Queenly. Throughout the story, she talks about their relationship and explains the amazing dynamics of the relationship the two adults have.

According to Queenly Review:

The book is a great tale of love and romance between two people who are not destined to be together in terms of morals and ethics. It touches on the subject of internal chaos one has when the heart does something opposite to the morals set by the brain. It is a must-read the book for anyone who likes the story of a tough love. In a way, Johnson represents all of us since we all have an inner battle with ourselves for different reasons at different points in life.

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