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At-Swim-Two-Birds is a book written by Brian O’Nolan, who is an Irish author. Regarded as one of the best examples of metafiction, this book is thought to be the writer’s masterpiece. The book was published in 1939. It was published under the house of Longman Green and Co. The novel has been made a part of two ‘100 Best Novels’ lists so far, namely the one made by The Guardian and the one by the Times Magazine. There are three stories going on in the book at the same time, making it a complex yet interesting read. In the end, download At-Swim-Two-Birds Pdf free.

At-Swim-Two-Birds Summary:

The story is told by a Literature student who is Irish. He believes that a story does not have one end or one beginning so he starts three stories simultaneously in the book. The first story is about a man who is considered to belong to the devil class. The second story actually revolves around a fictional character which is made up by the protagonist of the story. The last story is about Irish folk tales, especially about King Sweeny. The novel also derives its title from a place that the King used to visit often.  The student, who has no name, talks about his relationship with his uncle who suspects him of wasting his time and not studying. This is quite true as the student spends most of his time writing his own novel. Just like this, other tales and incidents are also mentioned and at the end, the fictional character of the second story dies.

At-Swim-Two-Birds Review:

The book did not do so well with review writers for newspapers but it was majorly appreciated by other writers. Many writers claimed that they liked the book and Vivian Mercier regarded it as the most fantastic Irish novel ever written.

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