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Thomas Hardy, a nineteenth century novelist, who first got recognition through this novel. Far from the Madding Crowd is his 4th novel which finally got him place among the best novelists. He has been struggling with his early work which was good but maybe not good enough for people. Finally his hard work paid off and his became successful through this book. The novel was published in episode in Cornhill Magazine. This was the time when it got acclaimed and had a huge readership. Its story was so good that it just got its movie in 2015. The novel will be remembered forever especially in the circles of romantic readers. One of the most enthusiastic lover stories ever written. Thomas Hardy, put some other work too for which he is still alive in the hearts of people. Let us review Far from the Madding Crowd pdf now.

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About the Author Thomas Hardy:

Thomas Hardy was an English poet and novelist mostly known for his romantic novel Far from the Madding Crowd  pdf. He had a special obsession with romance. This is the reason why he wrote some brilliant books in the genre. The work before this book didn’t get much success among people. But once he released his novel Far from the Madding Crowd, he became a 19th century hit. The novel got published in Cornhill Magazine in episode during the same era. He was a realist of his time and his thinking was quite pure. He was also known for this philosophy and had great insight on human life. His mainly recognized himself as a poet and that’s what he thought he was. However, Far from the Madding Crowd was the book that made him famous among the people. His poetry couldn’t quite do so.

Far from the Madding Crowd Summary:

The story starts off with a young beautiful girl named Bathsheba. Gabriel Oak is the 2nd main characters in the story who is a farmer. One day, the girl saves his life and he in return proposes her to marry him. She refuses the proposal because she does not love him and she is not ready either. After this incidence, she inherits her uncle’s farm and she has to go to the city. She forgets about the boy and moves on with her life.

The events then take a turn and the farm boy Gabriel loses his farm. He is now jobless since he has lost his sheep. So he decided to move on to the town where the girl’s farm is. When he moves there, he finds the farm is caught on fire. He saves the farm and animals earning a place in the woman’s heart. However, she only hires him as her farm boy. She is interested in her neighbor. His neighbor who is already rejected by different women sends her a proposal. She refuses his proposal but later she reconsiders it again.

The days pass and the girls meets a sergeant named Troy. She falls in love with her without knowing his history. He happened to impregnate a lady and the girl doesn’t know about that. While their love burns up, her name neighbor doesn’t see that as a good thing. She decides to warn Troy that her neighbor is not happy with their relationship. They need to be careful. At that moment Troy asks her to marry him. All his time at her farm, Gabriel always remained a great friend to her. He is not happy with her decision of marrying Troy and doesn’t approve that.

Troy and Bathsheba marry anyway and for a time things go good. However, soon Fanny gives birth to Troy’s children and dies during delivery. Bathsheba discovers the truth and Troy had to leave the place. He was later reported dead by drowning in the river but no one cares him about now. The neighbor still wants to marry her and at the Christmas evening he asks her out. At the same moment Troy appears and the neighbor shoots him dead. He then escapes the place. At the end Bathsheba marries her farm boy Gabriel who was always destined for her.

Far from the Madding Crowd pdf Review:

The reasons that made this book successful were the drama, well written characters, and twists in the story. The story doesn’t bore you at all and you will remain indulged in the book. It is so interesting that want to read it the whole day. Many people want to read it again and again due to the drama and thrill in the story. Without any doubt, this is one of the best love stories ever written where there is chaos, love, hate, and infinite drama. Poetic justice which is a part of every good story is present in this book. The defeat of evil and the guy who was always meant for the girl got what he deserved for his love which is pure.

Download Far from the Madding Crown Pdf Free:

If you stay at work for a long day and do get some time for reading but unable to carry the book then this e-book in the pdf form can be very helpful for you. Download the free Far from the Madding Crowd pdf and carry it with you in laptop or smartphone.

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  • Vinterberg tones down the melodrama of Hardy’s pastoral novel to make a more sober adaptation but misses the intensity of the protagonist’s misery – which is not only a fault of his off-putting direction but also because Carey Mulligan is clearly miscast in the role.

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