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When we talk about some of the greatest leaders of the world, we never forget Mandela. And why should we? This is the man who deserves to be mentioned whenever the names of some greatest leaders ever are taken. This was the man who led the movement for the rights of his people of South Africa. He got imprisoned for 27 years by the Apartheid government but still he forgave them when freed. This took a dying nation to one of the most prosperous nations of the world. You just can’t stop talking when his name comes. If you want to know more about him then get a book in which he wrote his autobiography. Download the free Long Walk to Freedom Pdf at the end of this article. Now are going to review and summarize this beautiful book for you.

long walk to freedom pdf


About the Author Nelson Mandela:

In other book reviews, I have to mention things you don’t know about the writers. But here, I am really confused about what to tell you. Who doesn’t know about Nelson Mandela? This was the man who became one of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen. He led the movement against the apartheid white government for the rights of his people. Then he was named a terrorist and was imprisoned for 27 years. In this book, he wrote about his whole life struggle. First, he talked about his becoming of age and then his struggle in the prison. He wrote everything about his imprisonment in the jail. Nelson is an inspiration to men of all creeds, race, and nationality. To become like him, we need to read about him. Long walk to Free is the best book to know about him because he wrote the book himself.

Long Walk to Freedom Summary:

Long Walk to Freedom is a long book and can’t be summarized in few words. I am just going to give you an idea of the book via this summary and then you can read the rest from the book.

In the first part, he talks about his family. He talks about his birth place, parents, and family. Nelson was the Christian name he got from his teacher. Madiba was the family name he got from his parents and people of Africa called him that when got the presidency as a sign of love. Then he talks about his father and his business, in the environment, he grew as a kid. The environment of Africa, especially during those times wasn’t easy for anyone. Still, Nelson was born to become a true leader and he fought everything worse in this life.

In the book, he also talks about the times when he was imprisoned by the apartheid government. He was the one who led the ANC movement for the rights of the people of Africa. Africa had never known a true leader like him. He wrote everything about his 27 years in the prison. How he had to live in that cell and many more things which would truly inspire people. He then got out of the jail and ran for the president. Nelson won the election and became the president of South Africa. He forgave everyone who had imprisoned him and only a man of great character can do that. In his presidency, Mandela led this nation to a place in the world which makes now one of the most prosperous nations of the world. What a leader he was? Learn from his life by reading his autobiography written with his own pen.

Long Walk to Freedom Pdf Review:

I could review this book critically as well as normally if it was written by someone else. But the irony here is, it was Nelson himself who stated his autobiography. Who would trust more than the words of this great man? His words are truly unquestionable. His who life is a lesson for all of us. He taught people throughout his life the meaning of hardships and struggle. Mandela showed what it is to be a true leader. Reading his book, we learn about all the hardships that we have to face to become the heroes. Especially in a place like Africa, where people were always forced to slavery. But it was this one man who made all the difference. He rose up like a true leader and his people welcomed him. After all that struggle and hardships, we know this name the Great Nelson Mandela.

Download Long Walk to Freedom Pdf Free:

True justice would be to get the book from your library, market or online store to read the words of this great man. However, if you are facing any trouble getting the book in hard form then you can download this free Long Walk to Freedom Pdf from our website. Copy the book over to your laptop or android phone and read it anywhere you are to get the true inspiration in life. Don’t forget to leave us your review on the book. Also, keep visiting All Books Hub for more free pdfs and book reviews.

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