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Pointed Roofs is a novel written by Dorothy Richardson. The author wrote 13 novels that were semi-autobiographical and of that series, this is the first novel. The whole series was named Pilgrimage. It was published in 1913 under the house of the publishing company named Duckworth. The book is followed by Backwater, which is the second novel in the series. The author has based the main character of her own self and has narrated her own story through the main character with a few changes in plot and setting. This novel also has the honor of being the first ever published stream of consciousness novel. At the end of this article, download Pointed Roofs Pdf free.

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Pointed Roofs Summary:

The novel tells the story of Miriam Henderson. Being the main character of the story, her story is the same as that of the author. The life of this character between the years of 1891 and 1915 is narrated in the book. Her family is not very well off and due to her father’s poor financial situation, she is forced to take up a job at the local school. This particular novel in the series talks about her early life and the conditions of her home along with her experience as a student teacher in the local school of Hanover, which is in Germany. She is teaching English there and the whole novel is based on her experience in the school.

Pointed Roofs Review:

The novel is a must read for those people who like to read biographies and autobiographies. One can learn the lesson of working hard from this book. When life is tough, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and work. From a school teacher in a local school to a renowned author, the journey of the author only inspires the readers to do the same with their lives.

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