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The Little World of Don Camillo is a book which was written by the author Giovannino Guareschi. The story follows the trials and tribulations of a priest. The book was published by Italy by the Italian writer and it was also released as a movie in French and Italian. The movie was released in 1952, a few years after the publication of this book. In the end, download The Little World of Don Camillo Pdf free.


The Little World of Don Camillo Summary:

The story is set in a small town which is situated in Italy. The Communist party leads the town now since they received the larger number of seats in the elections. Don Camillo is the pious person in the Christian party of the town. He tried to speak up against the propaganda of the other party since the Communists` leaders are trying to exploit people. Don finds out that the other party has used the money which they stole from people in the First World War to build the new community hall.

Don tries to blackmail the opposition by letting them know that he is aware of this action of the opposition. There is also a strike which is organized by the opposition since they want to impose a special kind of tax on the wealthy landowners of the area. The condition is that the cattle in the town will not get milked until they have solved the issue among themselves. The entire story covers the incidents of the clashes between the priest and Communist party.

The Little World of Don Camillo Review:

The book was a fun read for the readers and a film adaptation of the book was also made in the 1950s. people really enjoyed the movie as it is on the more casual note but also addresses a big issue.

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